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Amanda Goodall is an executive resume writer, leadership advisor, and strategic consultant with over two decades of transformative experience across diverse industries. She is the top Career Architect in the industry. As the founder of The Job Chick, she has empowered more than 25,000 job seekers worldwide to align their potential with the right career paths, in both individual and corporate growth. Amanda has trained 2,000 executives, from prestigious organizations such as Deloitte, Google, Meta, Cisco, Tesla, Nvidia, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey, elevating their career trajectories.

During her tenure as Super Writer Girl, she developed compelling speeches, and presentations for high-profile individuals and corporate events. Her impressive client roster includes HBO writers, and Grammy Award winners.

Amanda’s expertise extends to developing strategic PR and media campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, government and military leaders, and innovative startups. Her efforts have significantly increased brand awareness, and driven measurable results across various mediums, engaging target audiences for notable clients like Back Joy, Christensen Yachts, Trumps Best, and Progressive Auto. Amanda is also a co-founder of Goodall Aviation, navigating the elite market of private and commercial jet sales.

Focused on shaping the future of work, Amanda is currently spearheading research on AI’s transformative role in the job market and is founding a company to promote innovative AI workforce technology that tackles existing challenges and unlocks new professional frontiers. Her forthcoming book will address critical issues such as ageism and the executive life in an increasingly dynamic corporate landscape.

She consults companies as a startup advisor and joined as a mentor at StartUpNV in 2024, sharing her wisdom on leadership, personal branding to talent acquisition, leaving a mark on the founders she guides. She is proud to have been recognized among JobScan’s Top Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn. Amanda recently connected with Dare to Run, a political non-profit in NYC that empowers women to run for office, and serves on the Board of Directors.

Amanda Goodall is known for her boundless energy, motivation—and of course her iconic pink hair. After traveling for several years, she lives in Las Vegas with her husband of 20 years. She is a mother of six and a bonus mom to three.

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