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Job Searching & The Pandemic: Important Details, Awareness, and a Mini How-To to Help YOU Get into a New Job ASAP!

Job seekers seem scared of the job market. No, not all. But the stories I have heard are just these
Unemployment Hits 3.3 Million - The Job Search During A Recession

Unemployment Hits 3.3M – The Job Search & Recession

With unemployment claims at nearly 3.3 Million already as of March 26th, 2020 according to USA Today – It’s time

How to Navigate the Job Market During Coronavirus Worries

The 2008 Financial Crisis saw a MAJOR hit to financial, manufacturing, and construction industries. I remember it all too well,

3 Top Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

This is a loaded question! But a great one! 🤣 There are literally dozens of things you need to do

The Single Biggest Resume Trick You Are Missing: And HOW to DO IT!

Does your resume give a 1-2 punch or is it being KNOCKED out by ATS? I’m going to help you

How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers

How can you get your resume noticed by employers? As someone who has reviewed over 60K resumes in 15 years…

How To Prepare Yourself During Company Layoffs

Layoffs suck. There is no other way to say it. Sadly, it is a part of the corporate world merry-go-round.

The Job Chick Vs. Bad Resume Advice

Ohhh last night I got angry. I saw an article on a major media site written by the head of
How to get a job after college

How To Find a Job After College

Congratulations on your new college degree. Here’s the thing… As someone who has been in the job ecosystem for the