So, I just need a basic LinkedIn profile and then I can wait for job offers to come my way right❓

Don’t allow LI profile job search mistakes stop you.

Give recruiters and HR the information they want.


🚀Does your profile match your current career goals? 


Did you last touch up your profile last time you were looking for a job? It’s time to update.
Focus on the relevant, and stuff you have been doing. Make sure it matches and keeps inline with what prospective companies will be looking for in a candidate.


🚀Act professional.


Many recruiters will vet a candidate based on your LinkedIn activities. At the end of the day, it is your professional appearance online.
Be the best you – ALWAYS.


🚀Include a head shot & cover photo.


Make sure the profile pic is JUST you– leave family, friends and pets out of it. Keep it professional.
Might I recommend focusing on your professional branding metrics within your cover photo?


🚀Your headline should be anything but generic.


Make it ROCK. It should not include just your job title/company.
Focus on industry related keywords, and use some emojis—it helps to stand out.

🚀Connect & Post!


Build your visibility by adding new connections, even just a few per week.
Engage in conversations and posts on LinkedIn. You never know who might see your comments and find you.


🚀Custom URL:


Click view profile, then click on the top right-hand side, where it says Edit public profile & URL. On the right-side column, edit & personalize your profile URL. Click save and voila!


Make your profile welcoming, and something that others are eager to read. Have questions- you know I’m here to help!


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