I had a well established C-Suite candidate ask me today how much they could embellish on a resume.



Hold on a second. 

Are you going to wear a mask to the interview as well?

So again- the questions was: How much can I embellish on a resume? Eek! The answer to the question is: Zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nothing. Never embellish!

With that said, I bet you are left wondering – ‘Oh my gosh- well how do I stand out in my industry?’

The answer is simple – yet you have to craft it carefully! But once you do – Holy smokes Batman… watch what happens to your interview offers!

*hint- your interview offers will skyrocket!

Focus on your result-based accomplishments. The metrics. All the good yummy stuff.

  • Have you led projects?
  • Have you helped develop a process that achieves cost reduction?
  • What have you done to help bring the company revenue?
  • Have you increased lead generation, revenue, or opportunities of any kind?
  • What about recognition? How can you turn any of your notable kudos into an achievement statement?

Oh and I nearly forgot – if you have something you perceive as negative-

i.e. when you started with sales, you were bringing in $150K monthly in revenue- but over the 18 months the company sales started dwindling before they closed up shop, including your prospect opportunities – how can you make this a positive?

You take an average…

18 months working there, sales dropping after 12 months- so let’s average it at $100K in revenue over the 18 months for instance- you can easily say: Brought in $1.8M in sales.

WOWZA. Looks great right?

No need to ever embellish- you just need to get your thinking cap on and get creative! Sometimes you just have to look at it objectively.

If you have any questions at all in how to achieve resume greatness, I always have my thinking cap on – I’d be happy to help – feel free to reach out and connect and ask!

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