Nationwide – 1,100 layoffs
Wells Fargo – 1,000 Layoffs
Bombardier – 5,000 layoffs
GM – 14,000 layoffs
Verizon – 44,000 offered a voluntary severance package (Take the money!)
Pfizer laying off roughly 2% of it’s 90,000 jobs in 2019

Plus, I have heard about the restructuring happening at ADP from several of my clients, although I don’t have an exact figure of layoffs. Anyone have insider info here?Resumes and Layoffs

Getting laid off is no doubt one of the most traumatic things to happen during your career.

As much as it can feel personal, you mustn’t lose focus on the new task at hand – FINDING YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY.

Re-energize Yourself

As much as you will want to jump right into the job search, as a career strategist I always recommend taking a moment to recover, decompress and figure out what you are looking for in your next position. For everyone this time length is different. Take the time you need to be refreshed and get re-energized. You are going to need to give this job search EVERYTHING you’ve got!

Refresh Your Resume

Once you have had a bit of a breather, this is the time to start developing a new resume, or at-least refreshing it to make sure it is current, identifies your strengths, specialties and achievements. Think result-based accomplishments. Those are GOLD!

linkedin personal branding for jobsThe Most Overused Word Of 2018, But Most Underutilized Tool – Networking!

Next you will want to start leveraging your social network. Yes, LinkedIn! It’s easy to feel frustrated after being laid off, but you will need to bounce back and start motivating yourself to get back out there publicly too.

Build your personal brand with the new you that is ready for new challenges and opportunities.

Research companies that interest you. Make a list of those companies and how your background can benefit them. Search for open positions and start connecting with the right people such as HR Managers and recruiters of those companies.

Dare I say it… Start networking! Did you know that about 80% of the job openings NEVER get posted and are found through NETWORKING?!?!

Chase Opportunities

Mentally prepare yourself that this will not necessarily be a quick transition into a new position, and it may not be easy. You will be busy. Job searching will be your full-time job right now, and you cannot just sit there waiting for people to contact you. Let me know if I need to repeat that last statement for you.

Chase opportunities. Put yourself out there or else nobody is going to know about you. Above all, no matter how frustrating it can be, keep that smile on your face and LOVE YOUR JOB SEARCH.

Not only will that keep your stress levels down, employers will see your vibrance and energy and that will also go a long way!

What Else Can I Do After Being Laid Off?

  • Attend Job Fairs
  • Try Consulting or Freelancing
  • Take Training Courses To Brush Up On New Skills

One More Piece Of Advice

Don’t be afraid of being laid off when you start applying for a job. I know it was scary, and stressful, but it is not really a negative thing unless you make it one. So don’t! 😊

Fact is, layoffs happen.

Recruiters are well aware.

HR Managers are well aware.

Don’t try to hide the fact, there is no need. Some advice you will find is to leave it out of a cover letter so that you do not put out a negative thought. But I say own it. Focus on the positive side of it, and a cover letter is one of the best places to do this! Emphasis your resilience.

You can address a recent layoff situation in a cover letter with a short sentence like this:

As you can see from my resume, my position was one of the many layoffs by X company. While I am sad to leave that company, I am excited to talk with you about how my expertise can benefit your organization in the role of X. Here is a small sample of my recent achievements.

Yes, layoffs are scary and involuntary and can freak you out. But, they can also be a good thing. You just might find your dream job, tackle that career change you have always wanted, find a position that has better benefits, hours or even be able to negotiate a higher salary!

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