What if I was to tell you that you could boost your job search today to help you increase your interview offers and job offers. You would jump at the opportunity to learn more right?

I think we can all agree, that you found this article because you want to get ahead in your career and wanted some great advice.


There is no need to hate your job, wish for more pay, or just generally struggle to get out of bed each day to go do the 9-5 grind.

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. I know it is easy for the job search process to pull you down. It’s stressful and frustrating sometimes.  Those frustrations just increase if you are already busy in your day to day or are struggling with the repetitiveness of job applications.

But how do you make it so that you are the one getting the interview offers and jobs when there are literally hundreds maybe even thousands of people going after the same position as you?

Well the cool thing for you – only about 10% of candidates even get interview offers. It’s competitive no doubt, but when you follow the below advice, you can do this! It is a numbers game. Ready to play?

Hot tips to help you secure more interviews:

Stop mindlessly scrolling job boards.

Instead, make sure your resume is ready to pass the hurdles and matches each job you apply for. When you can give employers the perfect resume, you will automatically see more results.

Build on your connections.

This is a major plus to do within LinkedIn. Contact people you have met in the past, various networking, and increase your visibility among their friends and companies. This includes old professional contacts. You never know where a friend of a friend of a friend might just see your profile while looking for someone just like you to hire.

Update your resume.

Do I really need to stress this again? Your resume needs to be a picture-perfect snapshot of what you can offer a company. How are your skills, background and accomplishments going to move their company forward? Oh and always make sure your resume has the correct title on it for each job you apply for.

Avoid Social media nightmares.

Clean up your social media. Yes, I mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… anything where you publicize yourself. All you have to do is switch your profile to private during the job search. Easy Peasy. You can control what employers find out about you. Take a moment to propel your professional side before you start the job search.

Don’t stop applying for jobs.

Please don’t do this. While you are waiting to hear back from an employer, apply to other positions. Most job seekers will apply to about 50+ positions before they may hear back and get the right job offer.

get more job interviews

Ok, so now you are getting more interview offers, how do you turn that into job offers? I mean, having several job offers and having to juggle them and choose isn’t a bad thing right?

A lot of the things you can do to help boost job offers are things you do before the interview or applying even.

After an interview, the employer will check you out online. Remember the social media thing…

They want to know a bit more about you. Glimpse a bit deeper into what makes your tick as a professional.

Build your own personal website to help land jobs.

Yes, I said website. For all you non-tech savvy people reading this, keep breathing. Building a quick website is easy these days and anyone can do it! Think Wix.com (not affiliated with them but this site is painless and easy, I promise.) With your site, make it www.yourname.com and you can help control Google searches when employers look for you.

Having your own personal website shows the employer you care about your personal brand and are a serious candidate.

Come prepared for the interview.

I’m not even going to say, don’t be late, because you know that already. Be calm, cool and collected. Do your research before you arrive. Know the name of the CEO/company president- maybe even the department heads that you are applying to work under or with. If possible, learn the name of your interviewers and look them up on LinkedIn. Knowing what people look like or what interests them in your industry will help keep you calm as you will know what to expect. You may even find something of interest to both of you to help break the ice and also build rapport.

Are you blogging on your LinkedIn?

Employers LOVE this stuff and eat it right up. When you can put articles on your LinkedIn profile not only does it show you to be active in your industry, but it shows that you are a leader and love innovation. This can be a major game changer. The articles don’t even have to be super long, but get your thoughts out there, and engage readers.

Ask questions during the interview.

I don’t mean a single question here. Show the recruiters that you are inquisitive and have been listening. Engage them to provide you more information which you can utilize to converse better with them. Align yourself with their company and values. This will show you are critical and strategic and can keep you out of the ‘no’ pile.

Follow up with employers after the interview.

A simple thank you letter is a great way to follow up with your interviews after a great interview. This reminds them to look at your file, and shows them you were not just randomly applying and that you truly are interested in this position and company. Explain why you are so excited for the opportunity to work at that organization.  Gratitude works wonders.