How are resumes changing in 2019?

I get asked that a lot as well as:

What are the new resume trends to follow?

How should I update my resume for 2019?

So back to the main question, How Are Resumes Changing In 2019? I wouldn’t say anything is FUNDAMENTALLY different year to year on a resume… with the one exception for 2019 (and it is a pretty big one) recruiters and HR want to see your STORY.
How did you get to where you are now? They want you to share your career background and experience as a journey.
Yes, this has kind of always been how it is done… but if you go read comments and posts right now on LinkedIn and various blogs by Recruiters and Hiring Managers, they all say to sell me your story.

How can you sell your story?

  •  The summary can tell a story.
  • The job descriptions can tell a story.
  • The notable highlights you bring out can tell a story.

Fact is, it needs to be intriguing. Your resume MUST engage the reader.

With that said, it also needs to get past ATS which is a whole other feat in itself.

A really crucial aspect is to make sure you focus your resume totally to the positions you are applying for.

From title, to summary, to making sure you hit all the criteria they are looking for and even think outside of the box a bit.
There will be different things other than what is on the job description that a company will expect in employees.
BE that person.
Research the companies ahead of time. Show them how you fit their company culture in the resume, in the cover letter and in the interview.
I think that is another way you really need focus on when writing your resume for your job search in 2019.
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-Amanda, The Job Chick