Being ghosted by recruiters and HR?

I get it…

It sucks that you spent time on that application, and haven’t heard back.

It’s not fair. 

Once you have applied and sent in your resume, how long should you wait before calling and checking back with them❓

I have heard from a lot of job seekers that they keep messaging Recruiters and Hiring Managers on LinkedIn when they don’t hear back.

🛑 It’s a dead end.

🛑 All you are doing is annoying them.

Depending on HOW you applied, depends on how soon you should reach out.

💥Online Applications

If you applied online on a site like Indeed, or LinkedIn, etc… and you KNOW when the close date for applying was, give it a week or so and then reach out.

💥Personally Applying

If you heard about an opportunity and actually spoke to someone in HR and then sent in your resume to apply for the opening, then by all means, after 3 days, contact them, and just say you wanted to confirm they received it, you love what the company culture is all about, and would love to speak with someone. Charm. It’s all about charm at that point.

Here is a helpful, positive and proactive letter template to tweak and utilize to reach out when applicable to recruiters/HR to further show your interest without being annoying.

Example of a Followup Letter TJC

✔️By contacting a company for followup, it may not get you an interview, but it isn’t going to hurt.

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Amanda 😎

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