The 2008 Financial Crisis saw a MAJOR hit to financial, manufacturing, and construction industries.

I remember it all too well, and honestly, that time period is probably what spurred me into becoming a major cheerleader for career change resumes and guiding individuals through the process.

Connect with the Best Resume Writer on LinkedInWhen an industry is affected, jobs become scarce, more competitive, and when nobody knows how long it will take to recover, many will jump ship and aim their experience in a different direction.

There are always ups and downs in the financial markets and the job markets. Up until the Coronavirus really took hold on the global stage, the job market and economy were doing pretty good according to the experts.

Ofcourse any news outlet has the latest on what is happening, but last week, as I logged into LinkedIn, the news stories are Virus, Virus, Virus… and all the topics about how it is impacting, businesses, causing workers to stay home to work, canceling events (potential jobs in total pause mode) and even major airlines are halting hiring. I was shocked. It is already starting to engulf every facet of our lives, and causing a change in how job seekers move forward.

It’s a scary thought.

The Labor Department has mentioned that they are monitoring the virus spread to put in as many measures they can to protect businesses and avoid as many layoffs as possible.


Will the job market flex much?

Will companies freeze or limit hiring, especially in the wake of sending people home to work remotely?

Will more jobs turn into remote jobs in the future as companies will see it ACTUALLY can work?!

➡️➡️ Obviously, travel and hospitality are seeing the first wave of job woes, but how can you start preparing for a possible career change — just incase?

Stockpile your AWESOMENESS & beef up your Resume!

You will want to have a resume that is all-encompassing of your experience and what you can do. Even if you are unsure of what type of career change you would go after… having a full run down of your background is ideal.

List down metrics, accomplishments, and all the great tidbits on how you have helped the companies you have worked with. Don’t worry about matching it up with an unknown industry right now. Let’s just start thinking so you don’t have to think about it later when it comes crunch time to find the right position.

The Job Chick MAGIC list of Questions to Ponder and Answer

  1. Did you create a process that helped streamline something or improve efficiency, production? What were the results?
  2. Did you do something that helped increase revenue? What was the $ or % or X period of time, and how did you do it?
  3. Was anything specific achieved due to an initiative that you created or led? Again, lets talk about results in this too.
  4. Have you helped a company through an acquisition/merger? What were the results? Even if not successful for the company bring out the top things you did to help it go thru.
  5. Have you managed a team of people? (even just 1-2 is great to list)
  6. Do you do something for a company to boost team morale, or increase employee retention? Think processes, or communication improvements, or just taking control of a situation or managing something that made people appreciate it more.
  7. Did you save the company money? Maybe you found a better vendor or through auditing you realized a problem. How much did you save over tenure, or during X amount of time?
  8. Have you been recognized by any Senior Management for anything? Even a pat on the back for X achievement in a project might be something to bring out to show how you are valued in a company.

Get the idea? Think of all the things that you are specifically proud of during your time at a company. Jot it down. Want more FREE resources to win at the job search?

Even if you are unsure of how to weave this into the resume during a career change, or even just looking for another position – a professional can definitely help you stand out.

By taking the time now to list down things, you will be that much further ahead when the time comes to develop your resume and start applying. Don’t wait. This is advice I want you to think about ANYTIME… not just now with the current scope of things.

Obviously, my hopes, like everyone, is that the Covid19 virus goes away asap— but for job seekers you can do little things to be prepared and stay ahead of the curve.

🖤Stay safe and keep up with WHO for advice.🖤

Over and out — Amanda Goodall, The Job Chick