Cut Through the Noise: How to Use Personal Branding to Score Your Dream Job

Job searching these days is no joke. With hundreds of resumes flooding in for every halfway decent opening, how do you stand out? This is where personal branding comes in—to show what makes you the badass top choice for the role.

Developing your professional brand pays off big time through expanded opportunities, next-level visibility, and launching your career into overdrive. Skeptical? Well according to LinkedIn’s research, 94% of recruiters say a rock-solid personal brand gives you a leg up over the competition.

As The Job Chick, I won’t sugarcoat it—if you’re not focusing on your brand, you’re letting opportunities pass you by. Let me walk you through tangible ways to build an influential brand that attracts your dream job like a magnet:

Pimp Out Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the holy grail of professional networking, so make sure your profile is on point. Trashing together a lame summary and skills list won’t get you far. You need a magnetic profile tailored to your goals that makes recruiters take notice.

– Craft a compelling, keyword-rich headline targeted to your niche

– Showcase your value proposition clearly in the Summary section

– Use metrics and specifics to describe your experience and skills

– Include rich media samples to highlight your best work

For example, UX Queen Julie rebranded her headline to “Senior UX Design Leader | Client-Focused Creative Problem Solver.” She added sexy samples of her best design work and a summary section selling her skills and philosophy.

The results? Julie got way more profile views from relevant tech recruiters. She scored endorsements for her expanded skills too, upleveling her LinkedIn algorithm ranking. Best of all, she landed a UX Lead role at a primo startup thanks to her LinkedIn makeover.

The Takeaway: Make your profile headline, summary, and experience sections shine using strategic keywords and clear value propositions. Include multimedia samples to showcase your badassery. Yes, Amanda HELP- I want to know how to use personal branding to score my dream job!


Establish Yourself as the Subject Matter Expert

Once your LinkedIn foundation is HOT, start actively sharing your wisdom to build authority. Post articles, blogs, videos and visuals flaunting your expertise.

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– Share articles and advice aligned with your industry regularly

– Comment thoughtfully on other posts to boost engagement

– Join LinkedIn groups to expand your reach in your niche

– Post multimedia content (videos, images) that provides value


For instance, finance guru Priya generated more biz by posting bi-weekly articles with tax tips for entrepreneurs. She joined networking groups and provided helpful comments to expand her reach. Priya became the go-to tax wizard, scoring tons of referrals.

Wanna proof it works? Consistent social sharing on LinkedIn can increase profile views by 33%. So carve out time to share content that targets your audience and use hashtags to get on prospects’ radar.

The Takeaway: Share advice, articles and multimedia that highlight your niche. Comment on others’ posts to grow engagement. Join active industry groups aligned with your goals.

Showcase Your Talent with an Online Portfolio

While a standard resume just regurgitates your career bullet points, a digital portfolio flaunts tangible proof of your skills. Build a portfolio site, Behance page or LinkedIn Featured section to showcase your best work.

– Curate your best 3-5 projects or assignments

– Write summaries explaining key details and achievements

– Use visuals like mockups, demos, and graphics

– Include testimonials from clients or coworkers

For example, graphic design badass Tyler Moore revamped his online portfolio, spotlighting branding projects for big shots like Starbucks and Target. He included sexy mockups and website design videos.

This scored Tyler 30% more profile views and messages from potential employers. The hiring manager at his dream agency even named Tyler’s portfolio site as a key reason he snagged the Lead Designer role.

The Takeaway: Cherry pick your best client work and results. Display these visually in an online portfolio to spotlight your skills and wins.


Boost Your Visibility on Multiple Platforms

Dominating LinkedIn is crucial, but amplify your impact by adopting a multi-channel personal branding approach. Launching a blog, podcast or YouTube channel enables you to flaunt your thought leadership.

– Start a blog or podcast focused on your specialty area

– Build a following on Instagram or Twitter by posting regularly

– Create YouTube videos to share your expertise via rich multimedia

– Speak at industry events or host webinars to further expand your authority

For instance, sales ninja Olivia Chen built an audience fast by creating a “Sales Strategies” video series on YouTube. Her conversational, tactical advice received thousands of views, making Olivia an approachable expert. This directly scored Olivia her first book deal. Bam!

Staying active on Twitter and Instagram can also connect you with industry influencers. Speak at conferences or host webinars to gain more exposure.

The Takeaway: Choose platforms that allow you to authentically share your genius with your people. Provide value by consistently educating your audience.

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Clarify Your Unique Value Proposition

A strong brand stems from total clarity on your superpowers. Reflect on the specialized skills, experiences and attributes that make you one-of-a-kind. Then craft a compelling value proposition statement you can integrate into pitches.

– Identify your key skills, experience, and differentiators

– Analyze what makes you stand out from others in your niche

– Craft a short value proposition statement

– Practice conveying your value proposition crisply

For example, senior product guru Kamal determined his niche was scaling agile teams fast in tech. His value prop was: “Experienced agile coach and certified scrum master with a track record of building high-speed software teams from scratch and delivering complex platforms ahead of schedule.”

This helped Kamal contextualize his pitch whenever he networked. VPs at tech conferences would engage immediately after hearing Kamal’s unique expertise. Kamal scored a sweet Director of Product role at a unicorn startup by conveying his personal brand.

The Takeaway: Identify your unique intersection of skills, knowledge, and experience. Distill these into a clear value proposition statement to convey your brilliance.


The job search arena demands you stand out from the masses. You accomplish this by taking ownership of your personal brand and using it to connect with the right peeps. With the above strategies, you’ve got an actionable plan to accelerate your career through strategic branding. Ready to score that dream job? Then it’s time to take action and set yourself apart from the pack!