I am sure you have been in an interview where the interviewer asked you to “walk me through your resume.”



Many job seekers are not aware that interviewers don’t always read your resume before the interview. They usually just skim through it. Sometimes, they just simply have not taken the time. Sometimes it may be to test you on how you handle questions like that. Nonetheless, it  can be irritating and catch you off guard.

I have had many candidates ask me, what do I say when the interviewer asks me, “why I should even both to read your resume?😲

Yes, it seems rude.

Yes, it’s unprofessional.

Yes, it happens from time to time. 

Most career professionals will simply coach you to be taken aback by it, because it can come across as a hostile question and therefore can be a hostile answer too, which is not exactly what you want.

 I’m going to go against the tide here and say… If an interviewer asks why should they read your resume, state confidently and as -matter-of -factly as possible…

Oh, don’t waste your time on that. I’m here, so the recruiter and HR seemed to think I was a good fit… I’m right in front of you let’s talk about my accomplishments over the years and how I can benefit your company in this role.

✔️It’s BOLD.


✔️IT WILL sound cocky. (but in a good way)

Chances are, they will be surprised a to your response and should be impressed.

This will also make you stand out.

So for the interviewer that maybe only skimmed your resume or your file for a minute or two… this is a hefty way to make them take notice.

⭐️Get right to it. Talk about the metrics, your achievements, and show them how you fit perfectly into the team.

Always be prepared for the unexpected and be ready to turn it on its head!

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Amanda, The Job Chick



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