You’ve asked a very popular question! Should I hire a Resume writer?

YES-  you should have a resume professionally prepared even if you yourself are an excellent writer!

The answers may sound biased coming from me (a resume writer) but YES.

Here’s the thing. You may be a VERY good writer – and that is certainly something to bring out in your resume under skills… but writing a resume isn’t just about being a great writer. 😎 Is your resume even ON POINT?

For starters, it can be very hard to write about yourself. And by write- I mean brag and really propel yourself in your own words. Most people are very shy in that regard.

Secondly, you can do your own taxes, can probably figure out how to do your own painting and plumbing too – but you are going to hire a professional to handle that stuff #amiright?

Hiring a professional resume writer is honestly the best for many reasons:

#1 Less Stress– Let them handle it! You focus on finding awesome jobs to apply for and preparing for interviews.

#2 Resume Writers KNOW what you need. Yes, you can be a phenomenal writer, but do you know exactly what a recruiter is looking for, or every facet of ATS and how to get past those pesky robots?

#3 Cut Down Job Search Time. By hiring a Resume Writer or Resume Service to help you with your resume, chance are you aren’t going to waste time with a resume that maybe reads well, but isn’t telling the right story. Fact is you want to get back to work and earning moulah… why wait?


Honestly. I rarely see resumes that are good to go. That is not me trying to toot my own horn here- but I can probably tell you things wrong with your resume without even seeing it. It’s all about selling yourself. So make sure you standout properly.

Have questions- holler- I’m happy to do a free resume review for you too.

-Amanda, The Job Chick 😎

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