I want to talk about something called the Power of Perception in the Job Search.

Have you ever heard the statement that “perception is everything?”

By definition: Perception is the state or process of becoming aware of something.

Are Hiring Managers AWARE of what you have to offer? Really? Truly?

Perception is everything in the job search.

Fact is— perception is a BIG part of how you are looked at as a candidate. I really love this quote from a journal in Sciedu.ca. (download link for the journal below)

Having the right  perception is significant skill for any effective  leadership. It is important to understand that perception is often portrayed through communication in any organization be it big or small and therefore, it is a pertinent tool in  leadership. – SciEdu.ca

Moving back towards how you play this out in your job search, let’s focus on a few things here.

Everything you do during your job search from how your resume is developed to your online brand and persona like on LinkedIn and any other social media channels, is all a part of how you are perceived as a candidate in your job search.

Perception IS everything.

Trust, brand, identity, loyalty are important in the job search. How are you perceived?







Just as if you went into an interview unwashed and in filthy clothes, speaking only in internet slang or bad talking your last boss – the perception is likely to be negative. The opposite is totally true… if you look like a shiny, ideal candidate, that stands out as a leader, has a positive attitude and shows the company how they fit in the role… the perception is likely to be positive.

So how can you ensure that HR has the right perception of you?

Do you know what? It is REALLY easy to do this right! You have the Power of Perception in your hands and if you use it correctly, it will result in a better outcome in your job search.

Here are some quick tips to make sure you look like the ideal candidate in the job search.

  1. Clean up your social media. This includes LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, anything that you come across negative in. You don’t have to delete the whole profile – obviously, but delete undesirable posts that may leave someone’s perception tainted.
  2. Think of your communication as a customer service exercise. I’ve seen some correspondence between job seekers and recruiters/HR… and holy guacamole batman… what a lack of professionalism. Think of your correspondence with HR as a way to show off your people skills BEFORE the interview. Be courteous, polite, and appreciative of their time and advice.
  3. And last, you knew I was going to bring it up- but RESUMES. Your resume is the first thing HR sees. Does it WOW? Do you look like the perfect candidate for their company? Did you match up the right title? Do you meet their requirements? Perception. If you look like a top tier candidate on your resume, they are going to realize you are the one they need to bring into an interview.

Perception is everything. Following on from that – Show off your expertise and confidence and ROCK YOUR JOB SEARCH!

Amanda, The Job Chick



Amanda Goodall, Resume Writer