With unemployment claims at nearly 3.3 Million already as of March 26th, 2020 according to USA Today – It’s time to start rethinking the job search and how we move forward. 


YES, there is a $2 Trillion Economic Stimulus on it’s way to help American workers, and businesses across the country, but the focus will be on building back the workforce as soon as it is safe to do so. That may be very different and with different timings for various areas of the country too.

I think the stats that the Economic Policy Institute put out the other day are worryingly accurate.

Estimated jobs lost due to coronavirus by summer 2020, by state.


“Workers in certain industries will be disproportionately affected—in particular, workers in food service, accommodations, and brick-and-mortar retail. As a result, states where these industries make up a larger share of employment, such as Florida, Hawaii, and Nevada, will be particularly hard hit.”

A Recession is Probably Here.


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Thursday said the U.S. economy might already be in a recession because of measures taken to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus but said the pandemic must be contained before the economy can recover.

“We may well be in a recession,” the Fed chief said on NBC’s “Today.” But “there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with our economy. People are being asked to step back from economic activity … so in principle, if we get the virus spread under control fairly quickly then economic activity can resume.”

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

What I know about the job search during a recession… It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Competition is fierce.

Right now, the job search process looks like it will be a bit different than if it was just a normal recession… due to COVID.

I helped thousands of job seekers in 2008 financial crisis. It has its own set of challenges. It’s a totally scary time, but it is NOT time to let your guard down. It’s all hands-on deck & by all hands I mean you need to be ready to do whatever it takes.

💪Take a deep breath. You’ve got this.

You CAN do this. I KNOW YOU CAN!

This post is simply meant to be a friendly reminder to everyone (current job seekers, furloughed, layoffs, & anyone) that now is the PERFECT time to get ready while you are at home, and have some time… update your resume, start networking on LinkedIn, and be visible within your industry. And you know what… if your industry is hiring, or if an industry you can transfer your skills to fit into is hiring, start applying now. Why wait?  

So How Do You Look For a Job During a Recession?

Here is my #1 Tip to Look for a Job During a Recession.

▶️ You should be able to use your resume in the interview to help explain situations.

It all starts with a resume.

Those same wow factors and metrics that you built into your resume are the same points you can bring up in the interview on many different questions you are asked. It is probably what attracted hiring managers and recruiters to you in the first place, so talk about it all.

Don’t be shy.

Don’t be modest.

Explain to them how achieved those things, and try to correlate what that company is seeking (think company goals, pr’s etc) to do in your answers. It’s a great way to help hiring managers see why you are a great fit.

When developing your resume, really analyze what that company needs and show your proven experience in those areas. 😉 Use the keywords and phrases in the job descriptions in your bullet points focusing on your metrics. It looks amazing.

I also want you to focus on your LinkedIn Profile! 

Let me paint a picture for you.

You have 2 equally perfect candidates.

Same great resume.

Same smokin’ cover letter.

Same perfect interview.

One has their personal branding in the form of STRONG LinkedIn, a personal URL, an executive bio, and pretty much everything they have/do online such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… clean and neat.

Then you have another candidate, who maybe has a LinkedIn, but they don’t really use it, and it is sparse; their social media is all over the place-shows they are more worried about hating Mondays and getting off of work early on Friday than the other candidate.

➡️ Who do you think Hiring Managers are going to look more favorably on?

Personal Branding is where it is at! 📢This is my official announcement today to go spiffy up your LinkedIn profile and headline… and your social media, whatever it needs.

PRO TIP: If your grandmother would roll her eyes at something on your social media… companies probably shouldn’t see it either!

🙌 Preparation, preparation, preparation.

It is the way to win the game.

It is the same way you win interviews.

Practice and preparation help you make the right moves and achieve that end-goal.

You’ve got this… 😎😎

📢Tell me what you are unsure of how to do job wise right now down in the comments and I will answer and help the best I can! 🖤🖤