What do professional resume writers know that job seekers do not ?

Well, let’s put it this way. It is our job. We want you to be effective in your job search.

It is what we study, understand and stay up to date on all job search trends.

For instance… ATS didn’t exist in the same format 10 years ago as it does now.

Fact is… nobody is taught how to job search in college… and any free assistance you get from counselors, I can say is usually 1000% wrong. The job search is a marketing game to be honest. You have to be able to sell your story in the right wording and format that companies are looking for.


Ask yourself these questions too:

  • You want to be able to negotiate a higher salary right?
  • Are you positive that your current resume will help you command a higher salary? (YES, you should write Your Resume with Your Salary Negotiation in Mind – think 8-10% … YES 10% more!
  • Do you have 30–40 hours per week to WASTE applying to jobs with a weak resume that doesn’t work?
  • How many weeks are you going to keep applying with that weak resume before you get help?

Resume writers for the most part KNOW how to get you into more interviews.  Just like you would hire a professional plumber, painter, lawyer, home builder, to help with other things…. you do that because they are good at what they do right? Same with Resume Writers like me.

A great resume can not only boost your confidence but also show companies you are the PERFECT candidate- even before you interview!

Hope that helps answer your question about What professional resume writers know that job seekers do not?


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-Amanda, The Job Chick