What should I write in my LinkedIn headline?

Is it a bad idea to write Guru, Ninja or Rockstar in your LinkedIn profile?

It really has 2 answers depending on what you are using your LinkedIn for.

As far as how you should write your LinkedIn headline for a job search…

I like to utilize LinkedIn headlines to also stand out as a leader in the industry, but in a more congruent fashion to keep in line to your industry and position type.

Creating an effective LinkedIn headline is crucial for making a strong first impression on potential employers, recruiters, and network connections.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Experienced Digital Marketing Manager Specializing in SEO and Content Strategy”
  • “Award-Winning Graphic Designer | Branding and Visual Identity Expert”
  • “Senior Software Engineer | Expert in Java and Cloud Computing”
  • “Business Development Executive | Driving Innovative Sales Strategies in Tech Industry”
  • “Aspiring Human Resources Manager | Passionate About Organizational Development”

Remember, your LinkedIn headline is often the first thing someone reads about you, so make it count!

Examples of great LinkedIn headlines are:

Where can I find LinkedIn profile writing help?

LinkedIn Profile Writing Help

I need help with LinkedIn profile writing

A great LinkedIn profile will state job wanted and key specialties and metrics you can bring out. This is much stronger than putting Engineering Guru or Marketing Rockstar or Operations Ninja. Yes, they are funny, but let’s stick with professional aspects here.

To develop your LinkedIn headline for business branding

i.e. you are an entrepreneur, I say ROCK out your profile. Not only will it help you stand out as a leader in your industry as a business, but it shows off your personality!

Like mine- I’m a Resume Writer & Career Coach in a sea of tons. What makes me stand out besides my awesome resumes and clients getting interviews? lol My profile! As you can see in the below image I’m all about standing out as a Wicked Awesome Resume Writer. 😉 It’s slang best used in Business Branding aspects.

Amanda Goodall on Linkedin Find a Resume Writer on LinkedIn

Hope this helps explain how to make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out. It is usually a very easy makeover to do to make sure you are a leader in your industry and a serious candidate if job searching or a to stand out as a BRAND if you are a company.

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Amanda 😎

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