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Problem: Old Format & Needed To Elevate As a Leader

The resume for the former Tesla employee, affected by the 2024 layoffs, needed a significant update and strategic refocusing. Transitioning towards a Chief of Staff role, she required a resume that not only stood out but also highlighted the relevant skills for her new direction. I helped her identify and showcase the essential elements that top companies seek, ensuring her credentials were both compelling and perfectly aligned with her career goals. This targeted approach was key to her seamlessly pivoting into a leadership role in a new domain.

Problem: 5 Page Resume That was Long Winded & Not Up To Date

Originally, the resume was a sprawling five pages—overwhelming and far too detailed. It underserved the client, a VP of Engineering with CTO/CEO experience, by diluting his most impactful achievements. I worked closely with him streamlining it to emphasize key accomplishments and aligning it with current industry standards, we revitalized his personal brand. This strategic refinement not only brought his resume up-to-date but also played a pivotal role in securing a 40% salary increase following his exit from the previous company.

Problem: Insufficient Relevant Information to Align with Job Criteria

A client approached me with a document filled with notable accomplishments but lacking depth and context. The resume showcased achievements but failed to connect the dots effectively. Working closely together, we delved into the substance behind these successes to create a resume that not only highlighted accomplishments but also painted a vivid picture of their professional journey. This approach transformed the resume into a powerful and informative tool, capturing the attention of potential employers and paving the way for meaningful career opportunities.

Problem: Resume Was NOT Focused & Not Getting Interviews

The resume of a highly skilled Cloud/AI and AWS Cloud Certified Practitioner wasn’t landing interviews, leaving him puzzled by the challenging job market. Despite his capabilities and experience, his resume failed to catch the right attention. Together, we undertook a meticulous refocusing of his resume, honing in on the critical skills and experiences that align precisely with the roles he is targeting. This hyper-focused approach was designed to make his application stand out and directly address the demands of the positions he’s aiming for, ensuring his expertise is both noticed and valued in a competitive field.

Problem: Not Getting Interviews / NOT ATS Friendly

After months of job searching with no success, Leslie’s vibrant but overly complex resume wasn’t making the cut. Her multi-column layout and colorful blocks, while visually appealing, were not ATS-friendly and lacked targeted keywords. I collaborated with Leslie to align her resume with her career aspirations, emphasizing her professional achievements in a clean, ATS-optimized format. The transformation paid off quickly – She began receiving interview invitations soon after and ultimately secured a role with a 34% higher salary, proving that sometimes, simplicity and strategy are key to opening doors in your career.

Problem: NO Information or Focus

The resume for the Director of Information Technology, with a background in the cannabis and financial sectors, was notably sparse, listing only job locations and lacking substantive content. Recognizing the potential for a pivotal role in government, specifically to aid in shaping cannabis regulations in Canada, I started on a complete scratch build of his resume. Together, we developed his entire career history, with a focused narrative that highlighted his relevant expertise and leadership qualities. This strategic enhancement clarified his professional journey and positioned him as an ideal candidate for influencing national policy in a growing industry.

The Process

Process: 3 Steps and Done!

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