Executive Leadership Package Process

Step 1: Place Your Order

  • Initial Contact: Visit our website and place your order for the Executive Leadership Package.

Step 2: Client Dashboard Access

  • Login Details: I will email you the login credentials for your client dashboard on my website. This is where you’ll upload necessary documents and track your project’s progress.

Step 3: Initial Consultation

  • Metrics Call: Schedule a 1-1.5 hour in-depth metrics call. We’ll discuss your career background, achievements, and goals to gather detailed information for your resume and other documents.

Step 4: Resume Creation

  • Resume Drafting: Based on the information gathered, I will create an executive format resume tailored to your background and optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and more importantly BEYOND that. It’s about having impact.
  • Approval: Once the resume is drafted, you’ll review and approve it. Any necessary revisions will be made.

Step 5: Document Completion

  • Additional Documents: After greenlighting the resume, I will proceed to create your LinkedIn profile, executive bio, cover letter, and other necessary documents.
  • LinkedIn Profile: You can choose to have me log in and update your LinkedIn profile directly or provide you with the information to do it yourself.

Step 6: Interview Preparation

  • Prep Materials: I will provide you with an Interview Prep Q&A Worksheet tailored to your resume and job search.
  • Strategy Call: We’ll have an additional hour-long prep session to strategize and refine your interview skills.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

  • Resources: Access free resources on leveraging your documents for better job search outcomes.
  • Updates: Receive free updates to your resume and LinkedIn profile whenever you land a new role.
  • Email Support: Enjoy 120 days of unlimited email support for any questions or additional guidance.
  • Additional Documents: Get templates for thank you letters and follow-up letters to enhance your job search process.

Why Choose This Package?

This package covers everything needed for executive leadership job searches, ensuring you are prepared to apply with finesse and showcase your professional presence online.

Key Features:

  • Executive Format Resume: Comprehensive and keyword-optimized for ATS.
  • Personal Branding Development: Complete LinkedIn makeover to position you as an industry leader.
  • Executive Bio: Professional biography for personal websites and recruiter portfolios.
  • Optimized Cover Letter: A compelling cover letter that grabs HR and recruiter attention.
  • Interview Preparation: Customized prep materials and strategy calls to ensure you’re ready for any interview.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous updates and support to keep your professional documents current and effective.

Why be unprepared?  Let’s make your job search successful and impactful!